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Website Design

As professional Wix, Squarespace and Big Commerce partners we are experts in creating stunning websites at affordable prices. All of the websites are hosted on easy to use drag and drop editors, giving you the option to take full ownership and control of the website once it is created.

We have created websites for numerous clients from brochure websites to e-commerce sites and work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your vision comes to life.

Why have a website?

Having a website helps generate awareness of your brand through online search, helps influence decision making, and helps improves conversion.


Did you know that 81% of customers research a brand or a service online before making a purchasing decision. 

Having an effective, professional website adds to your company's credibility.


According to Verisign 84% of customers think a website makes businesses more credible than simply having a social media profile. 

Having a website gives you the ability to sell your products online and therefore tap into a much larger market.


Did you know that 4.66 billion people used the internet last year. In the UK it was over 90% of the population. 

Websites can help improve customer service if they contains important information that customers are looking for.


This can include opening hours, delivery times and contact details. Anything that can make your customers life easier will pay dividents 100 times over.

What we can help you achieve...

Why CloudHigh Media

We understand what makes a great website, we've been doing it for years, working with a variety of clients across a number of different industries. 

Website creation
Warehouse Shelves from Above

We have an understanding of the full marketing spectrum and design websites that not only look great, but are also functional and effective.

Factoring in things like SEO and user journeys is essential when designing and building a successful website.

We have the ability to offer videography, photography, graphic design and animation as part of the package. 


We provide you with a website that you can edit yourself easily once it is live, using a simple drag and drop editor, anytime, anywhere!

Our Process

1. Kickoff meeting / proposal


The first stage of our process is key; sitting down with clients to fully understanding the purpose of the website, the key functionality and the desired look and feel.


Following this meeting we pull together a proposal document that includes the key deliverables and the cost of the project.

2. Mood boarding


At this stage we take all of the learnings from the kick off meeting and work with our clients to create a mood board.


Mood boards are a collection of  images, colours and words that visually showcase the essence of the brand and will form the basis of the website.

3. Wireframes


Next we create a wireframe. This is a visual representation of the layout of the website which we share with our clients in order to ensure that we are on the same page before we start building the website.

4. Building the website

During this phase we include a number of review points where we ask our clients to feedback on the website as we are creating it.


Once the visual side of the website is complete and the design is signed off by our client we then focus on  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure that the website can be effectivly found by search engines and our clients target audience.

5. Testing


Once the website has been optimised we conduct a number of comprehensive tests to ensure that the website is working as it should.


This includes things like checking content is displaying correctly, that the user journey is fully optimised and that orders are flowing though correctly (if it is an e-commmerce site).

6. Training and handover


Once testing is complete we run a training workshop for key people within the business where we go through everything from updating the website to providing knowledge on how all of the functionality works.


Once our client is happy we hand over the final website to them. 

Example Projects

Who we've worked with

CloudHigh Media designed and built a brochure style website for Peak Fitness, shining a spotlight on their personal training gym, ethos and approach.

As well as designing and building the website the project also included shooting and editing a series of testimonial  videos from a selection of their current clients.

Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 15.23.18.png

CloudHigh Media designed and built a customised e-commerce website for RatGate Ltd. The initial build included integrating Paypal as a payment system, automating email work flows and setting up custom email addresses.

The project also included shooting and editing an instructional video for the website, and working with an animator to produce an animated promotional video. 

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 12.00.39.png

CloudHigh Media designed and built a brochure website for TrueLead Coaching that shines a spotlight on their unique and innovative leadership development programme.


As well as designing and building the website we also travelled up and down the country to capture testimonial videos with some of their amazing clients to provide that all important social proof.

MT Drains.png

CloudHigh Media designed and built a brochure website for MT Drains Warwickshire, to help them promote their services to the local area.

The initial build included all graphic design work work, on page SEO, setting up custom email addresses and training the team on how to update the website themselves. 

PS Antiques.webp

CloudHigh Media designed and built a customised e-commerce website for PS Antiques. The initial build included integrating WorldPay as a payment system, automating email work flows and setting up custom email addresses.

CloudHigh Media conducted full training for the team so they can be fully self sufficient in making amendments to the website including uploading new products and setting existing products in and out of stock.

CloudHigh Media designed and built a customised website for Leamington Netball Club that includes a secure personalised members area.

The project also included producing still photography for the site and shooting and editing a promotional video for the junior section.

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