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Video Production

At CloudHigh Media we have a wealth of experience working with a variety of different clients to create exciting and engaging promotional videos that help drive brand awareness, influence decision making and ultimately drive conversions. 

Why have a promotional video?

Why Have a Promtional Video

According to Small Business Trends, posting a video on social media generates 1,200 times more shares than images and text combined.

According to Forbes, 64% of customers say that videos influence their decision to purchase.

According to Hubspot, 97% of companies say video helped customers understand their service or product better.


According to Forrester, websites with a video are 53 times more likely to show up first in Google search rankings and according to research from the Aberdeen Group, achieve 41% more clicks.

According to MarTech Advisor, linking to a video in your email can boost click rates by 300%.

Video builds credibility and shows off your personality. 

Why CloudHigh Media

Types of videos we create


Brand & Product Videos

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Social Media Videos






Event Promotion and Aftermovies

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Internal Communications

Why CloudHigh Media?

We have demonstrative experience working with various clients across a number of different sectors.

We shoot everything in stunning 4k quality and capture professional sound to ensure no detail is missed and the end result makes viewers go 'wow'.

We think about the bigger picture.

At CloudHigh Media we have extensive knowledge of the complete marketing spectrum. This allows us to ensure that the final video drives real return on investment.

We use drones (where applicable) to achieve mind-blowing and unique angles.

We hold an Operational Authorisation from the CAA to conduct aerial work professionally anywhere within the UK and hold some of the most advanced qualifications in the industry.

Our process

Our Process

1. Kickoff Meeting / Proposal


The first stage of our process is key; sitting down with clients either in person or virtually to fully understanding the purpose of the video and the desired look and feel. Following this meeting we pull together a proposal document that includes the key deliverables and the cost of the project.

2. Storyboarding


This is the process of mapping out what the video will look like and highlighting key shots.

3. The Shoot


This is where we go out and shoot, gathering all of the content we need to create the final video.

4. Editing


After the shoot we take the raw footage back to our studio, work our magic on it, and create the video.

5. Review


Before we submit the final video we give our clients the opportunity to check the video and brief in any amends. 

6. Delivery


The final step. Once the client is happy and everything is signed off we send them the final video.

Who we've worked with

Who we've worked with

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Leamington Netball Logo
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Purity Brewing Logo
Forever Living Logo
Pure Booch Logo
Camper Calling Logo
Moseley Folk Festival Logo
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RatGate Logo
Ecoga Logo
Laser Combat
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Warwickshire Drains and Plumbing Logo
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