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Aerial Photography

At CloudHigh Media we use drones to capture stunning shots that showcase your business, property, or event in a whole new light. From sweeping landscapes to unique perspectives, we have the experience and equipment to deliver stunning aerial photography that is sure to make an impact.

Why use aerial photos

Aerial photos make you stand out from the competition by offering a unique perspective that cannot be captured from the ground. 

Aerial photography captures fine details and nuances that may not be visible from the ground.

Aerial photos allow you to show off bigger picture, like the stunning surroundings of a holiday cottage or the whole festival site.

Why CloudHigh Media?

We have experience working with a number of different clients, and have a proven track record of producing high-quality aerial photography.


We use the latest UAVs (drones) to ensure that no detail is missed. 

We have held an Operational Authorisation from the Civil Air Authority (CAA) to undertake aerial work professionally and safely since 2015. 

Shirley GC 3.jpg

We hold some of the most advanced qualifications in the industry, and are fully insured.

We offer honest, competitive pricing

The Lodge Pembrokeshire

Our process

1. Kickoff Meeting


This is where we meet with clients, either face to face or virtually to understand the purpose of the project and the key deliverables.

2. Pre Flight Planning

This includes understanding the airspace we will be operating in and whether any clearances are needed, understanding whether local permissions need granting and conducting a full risk assessment. 

3. On Site Assessment and Briefing


This is where we conduct a final risk assessment, assess weather conditions, do a walk through of the flight path, set up the take off and landing points and conduct a full safety briefing.

4. The Shoot


This is where we fly the drone and gather all of the content we need.

4. Editing


Back in our studio we edit the images to bring out all of the detail and colours.

6. Delivery


Once we have finished editing the phots we send them off to our clients.

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