Marketing Consultancy

At CloudHigh Media have a wealth of experience supporting businesses with their marketing efforts; whether this is through offering support and advice on a consultative basis, working alongside them to develop and implement marketing strategies, or completely taking over their marketing arm and running campaigns on their behalf. 


As you can see below there is a lot that makes up the marketing spectrum. This is why we always endeavor to fully understand our client's businesses and their target audience, and then help them develop a highly targeted plan of action that will give them the best chance of success.



Strategy and Planning

We work with businesses to develop marketing funnels, customer journeys and content calendars in order to ensure the correct people are being targeted in the correct place at the correct time.


As part of the strategy and planning process we help set KPIs, ensure there are tracking mechanisms in place, and that ample research has been conducted to ensure the strategy has the best chance of being a success. 

Reporting & Analytics

Analysing campaigns and creating reports for key stakeholders is essential in working out what is working and what is not, as well as keeping key people engaged.


All of our work is focused on generating a return on investment for our clients, and as such there is a necessity to show this through analysing every activity. This constant focus on analytics also helps with the iteration of processes, which is essential for achieving the best possible outcome for each campaign.

Online Reputation Management

If someone has a good experience they will tell 1 person, but if they have a bad experience they will tell 8. However, with the emergence of social media, that 8 can quickly become 1,000s. For this reason online reputation management has never been more important. 

One way to mitigate negative exposure is not only to be highly active on the channels that you run, and respond to issues on your pages, but also to prioritise social listening so that you know exactly what is being said about your brand on the wider web. This means you can react quickly to preserve your reputation. On the flip side, you can also learn what is being said positively about your brand and utilise this in your marketing efforts. 

Social Media

The key to marketing is reaching people where they spend most of their time, and with 92% of respondents to our recent survey stating they are active on social media, it is an advertising space that businesses can't afford to miss out on.


We have managed social media platforms for various clients across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, conducting social listening, posting original content and targeting segmented audiences through paid advertising. As well as this, we have also implemented social customer service strategies that include automation.

E-Marketing and Automation

Website User Experience, Optimisation and Design

‘It takes less than two-tenths of a second for
an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once they’ve perused your company website’ (Belicove, 2012). However, it is not all about how it looks, 'it's about how it works' (Steve Jobs).


A well maintained and run website is critical. We not only design stunning looking websites, but we also work tirelessly to ensure that our bespoke websites offer a great user experience and are optimised for SEO. 


If you already have a website we are able to offer advice on how to improve the user experience and increase conversions.


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73% of marketers state that email is their number one digital channel for return on
investment (Forsey, 2018), however ‘the days of sending mass emails to 300,000 people, where every message is the same, are gone’ (NCR, 2017).


The proof is in the numbers, with segmented
campaigns getting on average 14.31% higher opens and 100.95% higher clicks than
non-segmented campaigns (Forsey, 2018).

We know how to execute a successful email marketing campaign, we have been doing it for years.

Blogs, Articles and White Papers

The purpose of writing and publishing content in the form of blogs, articles and white papers is to increase brand awareness, establish you as a thought leader, and draw people to your site through inbound marketing. 

However, if your content is not relevant to your audience, is not positioned well and is not advertised correctly, it wont be read. If it isn't read, it's not effective. 

Paid Search

We work with clients to help drive qualified traffic to their websites through pay per click advertising. This involves setting up Google AdWords accounts, conducting keyword research, developing PPC campaigns, and building landing pages for data capture. 


We also help clients run paid campaigns across social media, increasing brand exposure and  generating sales leads. 

People Management

Managers and leaders do not have all the answers and you can gain real competitive advantage by listening to individuals within your organisation, empowering them to make decisions, and integrating their insights and ideas into your campaigns. 


We work with clients to encourage collaborative working, which leads to more motivated teams, improved idea generation, new initiatives and, at the end of the day, more successful campaigns. 


Video Marketing

Video brings your personality into your marketing efforts, builds trust and connects with viewers on an emotional level. And, if you have a video embedded on your website, you are 53 times more likely show up first on Google.​​


What if we also told you that videos generate 1,200% more social shares than text and images combined? Would you rethink how you are sending out your next message?

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