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CloudHigh Media is an award-winning, innovative and experienced creative marketing agency based in Warwick. We specialise in video production, aerial photography and website design; bringing companies, brands and events across the world to life through visual storytelling.

Video Production

Do you want to increase brand awareness, influence decision making and improve conversions?

At CloudHigh Media we have a wealth of experience creating stunning promotional videos for a variety of clients that do just that. 


Aerial Photography

Do you want to stand out?

At CloudHigh Media we use drones to capture stunning shots that showcase your business, property or event in ways that ground based photography simply can't.

Do you want someone to create a stunning website for you at an affordable price, but don't want to be tied into a long term contract?

Do you want to then be able to edit that website yourself using an easy drag and drop online platform any time, anywhere? 

As professional Wix, Squarespace and Big Commerce partners, we can offer you just that.

Website Design


Who's Behind CloudHigh Media?

CloudHigh Media was started in 2014 by Ollie Parkes, an experienced content creator and marketer, passionate about helping brands stand out from the competition through powerful visual story telling and marketing techniques.

Through CloudHigh Media Ollie now works with other talented videographers and designers to offer videography, website design and aerial photography services. CloudHigh Media's ethos is simple; to create content that drives real return on investment.

Since 2014 we have had the privilege of working with a number of amazing clients including music festivals, events, restaurants, bars, gyms, sports clubs, breweries, activity centres, yoga retreats, holiday cottages, artists, online retailers and countless small businesses.

Who we've worked with

Hatton Adventure World Logo
Leamington Netball Logo
Art in the Park.png
Purity Brewing Logo
Forever Living Logo
Pure Booch Logo
Camper Calling Logo
Moseley Folk Festival Logo
Archery Logo PNG.png
Laser Combat
Warwickshire Drains and Plumbing Logo
PureCraft Logo
RatGate Logo
The Lloyds Indian Restaurant Logo
Ecoga Logo
Stay In Swaledale Logo
Hatton Arms Logo
PS Antiques
Hatton Shopping Village Logo
ALine Drainage Logo
St Marys Church Logo
Notion Logo
Kuula Poke Logo

Recent Projects

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