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Sports and Fitness Club Promotion

For over 10 years we have been helping sports and fitness clubs generate awareness and increase membership numbers through the power of promotional video. 

We pride ourselves on our creativity, constantly thinking outside the box to deliver content that captures the essence of each club we work with. We shoot everything in 4k quality and use drones (where applicable) to capture unique and mind blowing angles. Our deep understanding of the marketing landscape also allows us to create videos that aren't just visually stunning, but drive tangible return on investment too.

Scroll down to learn a little bit more about us and our approach to videography.


Why CloudHigh Media?

We have experience working with a variety of different clubs, including golf, tennis, squash, netball and gyms. 

We have a complete understanding of the marketing spectrum. This allows us to ensure that our videos drive real return on investment. 

We think outside the box, focusing on creativity to craft unique and compelling videos that resonate with our clients target audiences. 

We're not just about making videos; we're about crafting visual narratives that leave lasting impressions and excite people.

We shoot everything in stunning 4k quality and capture professional sound to ensure no detail is missed and the end result makes viewers go 'wow'.

We use drones (where applicable) to achieve mind-blowing and unique angles.

We hold an Operational Authorisation from the CAA to conduct aerial work professionally anywhere within the UK and hold some of the most advanced qualifications in the industry.

Services we offer


Website Videos

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Social Media Videos

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Testimonial videos

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Aerial Photography

How we work

1. Kickoff Meeting


The first stage of our process is key; sitting down with clients either in person or virtually to fully understanding the purpose of the video and the desired look and feel. 

2. Storyboarding


This is the process of mapping out what the video will look like and highlighting key shots.

3. The Shoot


This is where we go out and shoot, gathering all of the content we need to create the final video.

4. Editing


After the shoot we take the raw footage back to our studio, work our magic on it, and create the video.

5. Review


Before we submit the final video we give our clients the opportunity to check the video and brief in any amends. 

6. Delivery


The final step. Once the client is happy and everything is signed off we send them the final video.

Aerial Photography Examples

Example of who we've worked with

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