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4 reasons you should have a promotional video

The purpose of promotional video is to drive brand awareness, influence decision making and most importantly drive sales. But how do they do this?

1. Videos bring your brand or product to life

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, and we couldn’t agree more. Whilst words describe say a music festival, pictures allow you to actually see the bands on stage, the vendors cooking up delicious looking food and the bars pouring that crisp and refreshing pint.

Videos however go a step further; really absorbing you into you the festival. They put you in the crowd where you not only see what’s going on around you, but you can also hear and experience it too: like bands playing on stage, the crowd singing along and people enjoying a drink with friends. Videos let you experience the magic as if you were there.

Videos also allow you to connect with your audience on a more personal level through emotive storytelling. This becomes particularly powerful when you put real people at the heart of your video. Why? Because it humanises your business and makes it relatable to people.

2. Videos help customers understand your brand or product better

Promotional videos and explainer videos help improve people’s understanding of a product or service, giving them the confidence that they are making the right decision. Consumers have so much choice these days that winning their confidence has never been more important. If videos help gain confidence and confidence leads to sales, having a video is a no brainer.

3. Search Engines love them

It has been shown that websites with a video are 53 times more likely to show up first in Google search rankings (Forrester) and achieve 41% more clicks (The Aberdeen Group). If you want to improve your SEO, your website is going to need videos.

4. Social Media channels love them

Videos are continuing to be the most popular content format on social media, loved by users and algorithms alike. Videos on Facebook for example achieve 135% more organic reach than photos (Forbes) and achieve 1,200 times more shares (Small Business Trends). For people to share videos though they need to be informative, amusing, or help people (New York Times).

If people share your videos, you will not only benefit from increased reach, but you will also benefit from people subconsciously self-endorsing you to their friends and families. This is going to help with consumer confidence, decision making and ultimately sales.


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